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Darnell Family Ancestry

Information on my ancestry: Darnell/Darnall, McKinney, Weaver, Willis, Fox, etc.

Henry Family Ancestry

Information on Rebekah's ancestry: Henry, Poindexter, etc.


Genealogy Information Sources:

Note that genealogy information on the Internet is extremely unreliable.  Please verify ALL information from ANY source.

  • CinnamonToast Genealogy -  A huge index of links to genealogy web sites and databases, classified by surname and by region.
  • Darnall/Darnell Family Project on FamilyTreeDNA -  A research project investigating Darnall/Darnell family genealogy by using DNA analysis.  I am the group administrator.  If you are a male Darnall or Darnell, please consider participating in the effort!.
  • Electric Scotland - Investigating Scottish ancestors?  Electric Scotland is a good starting point.  Lots of information on the Clans.
  • New River Notes - Jeff Weaver's amazing collection of historical and genealogical information on the Upper New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia.
  • WorldFamilies.net - DNA based genealogy projects.

Photos: (click on thumbnail for full-sized photo)

 William Darnell (7/12/1824-12/23/1907). Husband of Sarah York. Photo courtesy of New River Notes.

 James Harvey Phipps (1818-1884).  Son of John Phipps and Ruth Worth of Bridle Creek, Grayson County, VA; Evaline Weaver Phipps (1828-1881) daughter of Joshua Weaver and Sallie Ashley of Whitetop, Grayson County, VA. Lived on Old Field Creek, Ashe County, NC. Photo courtesy of New River Notes.

 Martha Litisha Phipps (1865-1935). Daughter of James Harvey Phipps and Evaline Weaver, and wife of Clayborn Monroe Weaver. They lived at Wolf Knob, Grayson County, Virginia. Photo courtesy of New River Notes.

 Andrew Weaver (1822-1899)and his wife and 3rd cousin Malinda Weaver (1825-1909).  Andrew was the son of Isaac Weaver and Mary "Polly" Francis.  Malinda was the daughter of Lieutenant Isaac Weaver and Jane Lewis.  Photo courtesy of New River Notes.

 Children of Andrew Weaver.  Back center: Clayborn Monroe Weaver.  Front left Martha Weaver Darnell with one of her children.  Front right: Celia Weaver Reedy and one of her children. This photo was probably taken at Wolf Knob, Grayson County, VA.  Photo courtesy of New River Notes.

 Clayborn Monroe Weaver (1866-1928) was the son of Andrew Weaver and Malinda Weaver. Martha Litisha Phipps Weaver was the daughter of James Harvey Phipps and Evaline Weaver. This photograph was taken at Wolf Knob ca. 1925.  Photo courtesy of New River Notes.


 Childrren of Clayborn Monroe Weaver (1866-1928). Left to right; Pruner, Daisy, Ruth, Ray, Mattie, Arthur, Florence, Quincy. This photo was taken by Clarence E. Weaver in 1956 at a funeral for a nephew in Tazewell County, VA.  Photo courtesy of New River Notes.


 Daise Alberta Weaver Darnell ( -8/6/1962). Daughter of Clayborn Monroe Weaver and Martha Litisha Phipps. Wife of James Charles Darnell. Photo courtesy of New River Notes.