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First Generation

1. David Darnall1 died about 1701/2 in Richmond County, Virginia. We have found no record of when or where "Dr." David Darnall was born. Any one of a number of Darnalls recorded earlier in Maryland, of whom we have practically no family data, could have been his forebear. Or, he could have been an Immigrant from abroad not previously claiming public notice.
We first find record of him in St. Mary's (Marie's) Co., Maryland on 4 May 1686, when it was shown that he had been under a Bond to keep the Peace, by the following petition to his Lordships Privy Council: "John Ryley and Just.(inian) Tennison petitioned the council to release them from a Bond they had assumed on behalf of David Darnall for his good behavior and appearance at the next County Court, and to keep harmless the said County and inhabitants thereof from any charge that might be brought by the said David Darnall, and his supposed and pretended wife and children & etc.... They said that no breach of good behavior can be alleged against him before his departure..." The petition was granted. Later he removed to Virginia by official request of the Maryland authorities. Nothing is said as to what the offense of David Darnall was and it may have been political or religious, probably both.
Later, the inhabitants of Virginia, across the Potomac River, opposite Maryland, got the seemingly well founded rumor that the Catholics and Indians of Maryland were to be sent down to dispossess and massacre them. Not only David Darnall, but men of prominence such as Burr Harrison, "Parson" John Waugh and others were firmly convinced that there was truth in the rumors and decided to do something about it. They succeeded to the extent that they stepped on some very prominent and official toes, the owners of which proceeded to prosecute them.
Religious and political turmoil existed in both Maryland and Virginia at that time. The Roman Catholic Church was the religious authority recognized by the Maryland Regime and the Church of England, that by Virginia. Marriages performed by any other than the clergy of the churches recognized by the states were both prohibited and not recognized as legal. The reference to the "pretended wife and children" in David's indictment undoubtedly was due to this fact. Margaret, in her deed of gift, could not have named David as her husband legally, unless they were actually married.
David Darnall was very closely associated with "Parson" John Waugh, even to the extent of naming his youngest son Waugh. While "Parson" John Waugh was prominent in the community and had held county offices both he and David Darnall were Militant Non-Conformists. Since David seemed to be the one indicted and to bear the brunt of the prosecution, which seems more likely persecution, it is quite probable that Waugh knew when to stop fighting and David did not. Burr Harrison and "Parson" John Waugh realized that they were fighting a losing battle. Burr Harrison evidently "paid up" and "shut up." Probably, "Parson" Waugh did the same as they disappear from the picture thereafter. (The Rev. John Waugh is treated at length in "Landmarks of Old Prince William" Old Domimion Press. "The Historical Atlas of Westmoreland Co., VA." by Eaton, says "Rev. John Waugh was a minister of Cople parish as early as 1674... He married Temperance Gerrard of Wilton. John Waugh was a witness to the will of Thomas Garrard in 1672.")
For some reason or other the prosecution, or persecution, of David Darnall continued until he was practically ruined financially. When it came to collecting their fees, six of the attorneys involved brought suit against David and got judgements. He avoided execution of the judgements by moving to Richmond County, VA.

The Darnall, Darnell Family Volume 2
Compiled by Avlyn Dodd Conley
Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore 1979

Test marriage note.Margritt1 died about 1723/24 in Richmond County, Virginia. David Darnall and Margritt had the following children:



Morgan Darnall.



David Darnall1 was born about 1680. He died in 1740/41.



Joseph Darnall1 was born about 1682.



Waugh Darnall1 was born about 1684. He died on 7 Jul 1729.