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Darnall/Darnell Genealogy

The Darnall, Darnell family,: Including Darneal, Darneille, Darnielle, Darnold, Dernall, Durnall, Durnell, and names variously spelled, with allied families
by Harry Clyde Smith

McCrary/McCreary Genealogy

Slave Ancestral Research: It's Something Else
by Mary L. Jackson Fears

West Virginia Genealogy

Marriage records of Wyoming County, West Virginia: Nov. 1890 - Nov. 1902
by Pauline A Haga

Other Sources

There are many sources of genealogy information which we use and highly recommend.

Mountain Press
P.O. Box #400
Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377-0400
Mountain Press was incorporated in 1983 by James L. Douthat and others for the purpose of presenting primary research material for the historian and genealogist. The efforts of the company has presented almost 2000 volumes of materials such as census, marriage, birth and death records as well as reprinting of materials needed by researchers.

New Papyrus Publishing Company
548 Cedar Creek Drive
Athens, Georgia 30605-3408
For the past 26 years (first as Iberian Publishing Co. 1981-2001 and more recently as New Papyrus) we've supplied quality genealogical reference materials, including marriage records, census records, wills, deeds, land tax lists, guardian bonds and tithing lists, plus Civil and Revolutionary War records, timesaving aids, charts, atlases, and other research materials for the novice and professional genealogist alike.