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This page deals with things related to my career with Unisys. Last update: 01/08/2008.

    A wheelbarrow Unisys Clearpath 2200 Utilities A wheelbarrow
  • AVAIL.ZIP Source for AVAIL (Mass Storage Availability Processor) 2R1.
  • DOWN.txt Documentation for @DOWN 3.0 from the University of Maryland.
  • HYDRA5R4.ZIP Source for HYDRA (Terminal Sharing Optimizer) 5R4.
  • TOCED11R4.ZIP Source for TOCED (Table of Contents Editor) 11R4.
  • TOCED12R1Q46.ZIP Source for TOCED (Table of Contents Editor) 12R1Q46, a great update to TOCED from Les Leist and Erich Staubringer.
  • ZIP6R1.ZIP Source for ZIP 6R1. ZIP is a very fast read-only editor for SDF files and system log files. Written by Ward Condit.
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