Wood Badge C-22-04

I participated in Wood Badge course C-22-04 during 2004

This is the identifier of the course.
Central region, course 22, in 2004.

I was a member of the Bar-B-Qued Bobwhite patrol.

Day 1 of Wood Badge class.

The Bobwhites study with our counselor.

Learning to tie a woggle.

We get the traditional Gilwell Troop 1 neckerchief.

Team building exercises.

Much of the training occurred outside.

Each morning began with a flag ceremony.

Each class is officially part of Troop 1, Gilwell.

The Bobwhite Patrol at flags.

Bobwhites at the fire bowl.

Most meals were outside. This is scouting, after all!

The Bobwhite patrol ready for an overnight camp.