National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), December 2007

Boy Scout Troop 109 visited the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at Michigan State University on December 10, 2007.

Waiting in the lobby before our tour.

One of the staff gave us a presentation on superconductivity and radiation before the tour.

A rare earth magnet floating above a superconductor.

The central control room of the lab.

Inside one of the instrument rooms.

The Modular Neutron Array (MoNA).

Detail of the Modular Neutron Array (MoNA)

The Low Energy Beam and Ion Trap (LEBIT) Project.

You have been warned!

We went in anyway.

Instrument racks in the test chamber.

A nuclear scientist's "periodic table".

Into the vault.

The machine shop is huge!

Scouts in the lab workshop.