Boy Scout National Jamboree 2005

Mike and Michael visited the Boy Scout National Jamboree in July and August. Mike traveled with the Chief Okemos Council Jamboree troop number 1121. Michael (dad) was a volunteer worker at the Jamboree, working in Action Center "B".

The flag for Jamboree Troop 1121.

Jambo Troop 1121 rode the bus to the Jamboree.

The scouts stayed in a church in Virginia.

Troop 1121 in front of the church.

The scouts met Congressman Mike Rogers.

Welcome to Jambo 2005!

The gateway to the Central Region area.

The gateway to Subcamp 11, where Mike lived.

The gateway to Subcamp 12, where I lived.

Action Center "B", where I worked.

Row Five: Ric Zima, David Colvin, Larry West
Row Four: Alex Bergstedt, Ron Comtois, Benjamin Mannes, Joe Vogerl, Steve Eggers, Tony Barringer
Row Three: John Helm, Bill Scott, Les Dodge, Mark Melliere, Ed Sams, Austin Stanfoth, Brian Muraski, Scott Douglass
Row Two: Mike Darnell, Mike Rauckman, Wayne Mannes, Paul Thompson, Dean Cary, Jon Kerr
Row One: Kevin Gutshall, Cathy Gutshall, Kerry Hershey, Linda Kent, Laurel Kenney-Schellinger, Larry Claussen, Vern Yant, Mary Beth Vogerl

The staff who worked Action Alley.

The fireman pole.

The climbing wall.

The most difficult obstacle on the course, the "Possum Crawl". You started on top of the log, flipped underneath, crawled along the bottom, then you had to get back on top of the log. Very few could do it.

One of the many bars to jump or crawl over on the obstacle course.
Photo courtesy of ernief60525

Central Region Action Alley staff relaxing at the sign-in table after the course is closed.
Photo courtesy of ernief60525.

Mike at Jamboree.

Time for reading, even at Jamboree.

I was able to visit the Troop 1121 camp site.

Me at the arena show.

One of the coolest events at the arena show - all of the scouts held candles.

There were a lot of scouts at the Jamboree.

Hot air balloons at the arena show.

Jambo Troop 1121 went rafting on the New River in West Virginia with
North American River Runners on the way home.

Rafting in the New River in West Virginia.

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