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Mike Darnell's Eagle Scout Project
September 2007

The player benches before the project.

Two benches.

Mike with building materials.

Measuring and cutting the lumber.

A small tractor with an auger.

The tractor was used for many tasks, including hauling material to the build site.

Making sure the hole is straight

Digging one of the holes.

Some obstacles were encountered. The auger hit this rock, which had to be dug out and removed.

A concrete "biscuit" was put in the bottom of each hole for a footer.

The supports were braced to keep them vertical.

Nailing the holders for the rafters to the structure.

One of the many volunteer workers.

Shingling the roof.

Putting in the hat and bat racks.

Volunteers picked up the construction debris.

Installing shingles.

Hat and bat racks for the sceond shelter.

Detail of the hat racks.

A completed shelter.

Lots of room inside!

Relaxing after the work is complete.