U.S. Naval Academy, January 2007

Mike and Michael visited the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. We went with other scouts from Troop 109 to attand the 19th annual Merit Badge Jamboree held by the Eagle Scout midshipmen at the Academy. After the Jamboree, we visited Washington DC.

Inside the cabin at Camp Letts.

Assembly at the Academy before dawn.

Note the ships' bows on top of the building.

Detail of a bow.

Scouts from Troop 109.

In front of the Auditorium

Waiting to get into the dining hall for lunch.

Inside the dining hall. This is usually an ice skating rink. The normal dining hall was being repaired.

Sandwichs for lunch.

The dining hall.

Scouts with our midshipman guides.

Fifteen passenger van for the trip. Joe Cruitt and I drove.

Scouts support our national monuments!.

At the World War II memorial.

Scouts speaking with a WWII veteran.

A WWII veteran.

Troop 109 at the World War II memorial.